Hey fam, how are you? you know what to do yeah? take some minutes to think about you.
I heard the travel ban has been lifted, yay or nay? are you travelling? if you are, I hope the trip is important.
Here are some tips.

  1. Travel light except you’re changing location.
  2. Travel with your bowels emptied, you don’t want bowel problems trust me and don’t eat anything to upset it.
  3. Keep your sanitizer very close, remember door handles, exchange of money and so on? you’d need to sanitize and disinfect
  4. Travel with extra money 💵 in case of necessity.
  5. Make research on where you’re going if they’re taking necessary precautions for the sake of your health.
  6. Go with multiple face masks also maintain social distance. Above all know where you’re going to please, use google maps and update your friends and family on your location as you go.
    Stay safe out there and be good to yourself. Love and light. Elta.